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Top 12 Android Games. A fitness app should not only coach you on how to lose weight and keep healthy, it should also motivate you to get moving. MyFitnessPal provides support and guidance on keeping calories off the healthy way with its comprehensive library of nutritional information and more than exercise suggestions. It also helps you set goals and connect with friends who use MyFitnessPal so you can cheer each other on. The app creates detailed reports of your progress. Whether you're looking for the latest Katy Perry single or some obscure disco ditty from , you'll be able to find and play it with Spotify.

The music service has an extensive library of songs to choose from, and allows you to download your custom playlists for offline listening. There's a reason Netflix is the most popular streaming service.

15% of American adults use online dating sites or mobile apps

The Netflix app can stream directly to your mobile device while maintaining your place in videos you began watching on your TV or PC. The app also features a strong search engine, detailed recommendations and an attractive user interface with images, plot descriptions and user ratings. You can even share your device and account with friends and family, thanks to support for Netflix Profiles.

Android , iOS , Windows Phone.

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Think of it as your digital memory. With Evernote, you can jot down your notes for work or school, and edit them on any device, including your tablet, phone or laptop.

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You can do a lot more than just take text-based notes with the Evernote mobile app; it takes dictation and lets you photograph documents or record sound directly into your notes. The iOS 7 version features a persistent Create Note button on every page in addition to a streamlined new look. Top 25 Windows Phone A pps. There is no longer a need for third-party apps to convert Microsoft Word documents into a different format so they can be edited from your phone or tablet.

Microsoft has been nice enough to supply us all with iOS and Android versions.

That means you can access, view and edito your Word, Ecel and PowerPoint documents anywhere. Documents even look like their originals, with formatting remaining intact. Whether your phone shoots brilliant high-res photos or mediocre snapshots, you'll want to edit your images before sharing them.

Snapseed makes it easy to do a lot more than just basic sizing, rotating and cropping.

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Seven different filters -- including black and white, vintage and grunge -- can add a dose of style or make your brand-new photo look like you took it on an old-school camera. Sure, you can send messages and pictures with your phone's regular texting service, but a full-featured messaging app lets you send richer content, such as location info, fun stickers and more.

With Whatsapp, you can also chat with up to 50 friends in a group to organize reunions or potluck dinners. And when those large conferences get out of hand, you can leave the group or mute the conversation for up to a week. Set statuses so your friends know when to leave you alone.

What is the best mobile dating app?

The new iOS 7 version packs a Facebook-like broadcast list feature on top of a fresh sleek look. Best Free Texting Apps. We love that you can see how long a particular rain storm will last, when precipitation will be heaviest and when it will stop. You and two friends meet up with another group of three people. The app picks the bar, buys you all a round of drinks, and takes the stress out of planning your night. While the app itself is free, you do need to pay a small fee to cover your drinks at the bar the app chooses for you. The app also ensures the proper gender ratio for great chemistry and no hurt feelings.

Check out the video above from the Wall Street Journal to see how OkCupid stacks up against another popular app, Tinder. Ideal for people who embrace all kinds of lifestyles, OkCupid is great for making friends or making a date. The app is very popular, ensuring that you have a large group of people to choose from.

By the end of , POF anticipates they will have 90 million users. This free dating app is a great way to find singles for long-term relationships or casual dates. Also featured on our list of the best sex apps , Down may be more familiar to you under its original name: After changing their name , the App Store finally let Down stay on its listings. As you can probably guess from the name, this dating app is tailored towards users who want casual encounters, and not necessarily a lasting relationship.

Online dating expert lists top 10 mobile dating apps

Down lets you anonymously express an interest in hooking up with your Facebook friends. Think of it as Tinder for people who want to be more direct about their intentions. This free dating app definitely has a great sense of humor and personality, something that a lot of other free dating apps lack. Check out the video above from AnastasiaDate, which offers you tips on what to do on your first date with a girl you met through AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate is a free dating app that focuses on introducing its users to beautiful women from Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

If you have family ties to those regions, or you have always been fascinated by that region of the world, this free dating app will definitely appeal to you. The interface is great, and there appear to be many beautiful women with profiles on this app. This free dating app lets you make a profile for free, flirt with other members, and find sexy singles near you.

Looking for love over 50, or prefer a mature partner?