Dating a taiwanese american girl

I would like to know how that impacts your relationships. Thanks for your openness and willingness to share something so personal. And so as Taiwaness girls.

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Do you mean that each person is preoccupied with how much they are giving and getting in the relationship? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have to say most of those points are a load of crap. Even though guys here in Taiwan are often shy beta males with no idea how to interact with females in a fun, natural way, they are dying to improve themselves. They become more fun, confidence, social, high value men.


They are no longer the stereotypical beta males you write about. Inside every nerdy taiwanese guy is an alpha dying to break out and seduce women, or at least one lucky woman. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

跟台灣女生交往的下場: Taiwanese Girls Are Considerate

I am NOT advocating for Taiwanese guys to change. Unless of course that is what THEY want. I am pointing out some cultural trends I have noticed with Taiwanese guys that western women might find helpful when dating Taiwanese men. I think that if you are a western woman and you want to date men in Taiwan, it is important to understand the dating culture here. I say thats bollocks. Open your eyes and see the world clearer. Not sure why your replies are typical negative and offensive. The posts are generally very neutral and many of them are quite true. I read most of the posts and many of them were discussing very positive aspects of Taiwan or Asian culture.

I rarely read articles from western women in an effort to look into the dating issues between western women and Taiwanese men, so I think these series of articles would be invaluable in understanding the different perspectives of dating in both cultures.

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Can we just read it with a relaxed mind and do not discourage her? I think positive discussion is better rather than negative words. I do apologize for my aggressiveness. They are not all the same. Cheers and you have a wonderful and productive day too. Taiwanese live in the very seclude society. We need foreign input to point out our short comings so we can continue better our own society. Hiding from our own problems never make thing better.

There is no need for you to criticize this article. It would be better to be more open-minded to it. Why are you opposing to this non-biased discussion on cultures? Now, let me polish your lens a little but more thoroughly, Emma. Never generalize an entire group of people.

Putting on a list of elements to define what a Taiwanese man is is not only dim witted but also immature and at some level could be considered racism if any particular racial gestures is concerned. I should talk to your kindergarten teacher.


Good luck on your marriage. Han Solo, thanks for joining the conversation! I agree with you that not all Taiwanese men share these characteristics, and that they are but mere trends of my personal observation. And these are the rules you should abide if you want me! Nobody should be generalized and given a stereotypical image just because some people of his same nationality or race have done something so particular that could deemed common or typical, and therefore should lose their precious personality.

And I do apologize for all those extreme opinions.

Dating a taiwanese girl

I wish you a beautiful memory of Taiwan because my girlfriend and I had some really fantastic ones here. Just passing through and just clicked on your profile to get a better glance.. Those behaviors of Taiwanese guys stem from Confucianism: So the truth is, night clubs in Taiwan are the places where western girls most likely to meet awful Taiwanese guys.

I am sorry that some of you had bad experiences with awful Taiwanese guys. Please believe that there are still the good ones around the corner. Try Eslite Book Store next time! You can see the irony in just one sentence. You cant be humble if you are passive aggressive. They are just losers that cant get laid in night club.

What are you trying to prove here? I tried to see this topic with fair eyes, with eyes that are different from yours. Judging my point of view, accusing me a racist, and degrading my personality make you immature, ignorant, and discriminative. And I do hope your marriage makes your way of looking at things a little more complicated. Cheers and so long. When I read the Chinese translation I thought that is an annoying article from some arrogant guy who want to TEACH western girls to tolerate his every shortcomings and date him.

After reading your article I think you really meet some nice Taiwanese guys, and they give you very good impression. Is the Chinese translation you are referring to the one on my blog? What I wanted to express in the article were some things I have observed about Taiwanese guys and dating culture in Taiwan. My intention was to point out some things that western women who want to date Taiwanese guys might find helpful to know.

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In many ways I think Taiwanese men have a lot of great qualities. But maybe that is the topic for another blog post! Taiwanese men sound lovely! My experience of dating in Moscow is that Russian men pay for the women on dates. Maybe British men should be taking notes. What about opening the car door? Few American men do this anymore, but Taiwanese men seem to be pretty consistent about it.

Yep, car doors, and holding doors open in buildings too. I saw a man with about 30 roses today! I got 3 roses on my second date with a Russian. Indeed I see men in the US open doors but rarely car doors. I still open car doors for girls. Just a way to show curtesy.