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If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Contact Us - for real. User Name Remember Me? June 7, , Hi newbie here, I was wondering if anyone could help with this question for me. I've been looking for a Used Mossberg 20 ga and I've looked at plenty of them but how can one tell how old the shotgun is? Some I've seen look like they went to war and back and others look like new. Is there a date code or stamping to look for?

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Mossbergs look all the same no matter what year it seems to me. I heard that pre models have no tapped holes for a sight rail? But I guess you could actually piece a gun together from spare parts fom several others June 8, , I believe most model parts interchange with each other within the same guage.

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The only difference is that the older models had a single action bar and then when the Remington patent for dual action bars expired they switched to two I guess Mossberg never had a Quality control problem or recalls on their guns that I can find. It would be impossible to recall a certain date of manufacture if such info isn't stamped somewhere.

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It would be just a part issue instead of a whole gun issue. I just count the candles on the birthday cake! I hardly know it! Sorry, wish I could help you. Mon Dec 10, 9: Fri Dec 14, 2: If you need help dating your shotgun, contact http: Sat Dec 15, 8: Thanks for the help guys. I kind of figured that is was a special model or something. How can i post pictures? Sun Dec 16, 1: Latest I've seen is I'll have to take a look at the safety detent on the B I picked up this week Polymer Ring in forend nut - approximately s.

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Early guns lacked firing pin spring - guessing s. Word on the street said the shotguns use two different size taps in the receiver. I never believed it until today.

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Waiting to confirm whether the old duck guns had them. Note the double proof marks on this example. • Date my Mossberg?

Awesome labor of love gentlemen How could I forget. Around the barrel nuts are wide, and sling stud moved from lug to barrel nut. Early triggers are not adjustable and had small safety blocks. It seems these parts are not compatible with new stuff; i. Latest I've seen is , by about '87 they had adjustable triggers. The deeper I dig the more weird stuff I find.

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