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YouTube has become a fantastic hub to see friendships flourish, and nothing is more special and memorable than two people just having a damn good time. So for genuine giggles, check out this video of Melanie and Riyadh pranking their dads!

The opener to this iconic Kat Blaque video is something I want written on my gravestone. Her pinpoint comedy but biting criticism of Internet culture is so real I almost needed to lie back on the floor and absorb its full salt. Kat talks about people doing things specifically to get a negative response so they can then shout "triggered" and repeat jokes that are just old and boring by now.

Honestly, this video will change your life.

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She also speaks about BananaJamana's previous video of not wanting to be trending on YouTube, in case you wanted to hear more about that. You've seen Jenna Marbles sticking rhinestones to her face. And we've seen The Gabbie Show sticking googley eyes to her face too. But have you seen someone stick actual popcorn to their face for the sake of YouTube trends? Well, if this is something you desperately want to see because honestly, it IS one of the best YouTube videos of then look no further because Stef Sanjati has not only done this challenge, but freaking nailed it.

Not only is this one of the best YouTube videos of , but Nathan Zed is fast becoming a creator that you need to have your eyes glued to at all times.

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His video saying that we need to "leave" in and "bring" in is enough motivation and comedy to get your through at least the next eight months of misery, and he's delivery and overall personality is plenty evidence enough for you to hit that subscribe button. At the time of writing, he's on day No news so far from Jason's end of the story about whether or not he has consumed a picture of Dog Shirt or not.

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Either way, Dan took our sense of humour with a pinch of salt and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our content - so why not call it one of our favourite videos of the year so far?!?! If Dan Howell talked about you for 13 minutes straight it would be your favourite video too, don't even try to deny that. Your privacy is important to us.

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These Are The Best YouTube Videos Of 2017 So Far

From trendy phone cases and awesome room decor to baked goods as beautiful as they are delicious. These fun projects will keep you crafting for days! Kawaiisweetworld creates perfect candy filled jewel box cookies. MissRemiAshten shows us how to make personalized drink coasters using family photos. The perfect last minute holiday gift for your whole family.

Bananajamana dating

Kawaiisweetworld shows you how to make minecraft themed cakepops for the holidays! Coolirpa shows you how to make an awesome last minute holiday outfit. Learn how to create a fabulous holiday look in no time at all! Coolirpa creates a cardigan from a thrift store blanket. Learn how to create your own cardigan right here!

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Banajama shows us how to make your own stuffed animal bunny. The perfect last minute holiday gift for your BFF! Kawaiisweetworld shows you how to make a delicious gingerbread cake for holidays! Coolirpa shows you how take your sweatpants from drab to fab.

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