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The Dating IQ Quiz

Approximately two-thirds of the population scores between IQ 85 and IQ About five per cent of the population scores above , and five per cent score below A score of over denotes genius or near genius while to indicates very superior intelligence. This is what researchers claimed in when they suggested that what makes someone intelligent is too complex to boil down to a single exam. Did you score highly on this test?

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Then maybe you will be able to answer this maths test for children that had adults stumped. A maths test for a six-year-old caused mass confusion on Facebook as adults are struggled to find an answer, or even understand how you are supposed to come to one.

The test, hosted on Playbuzz, asks a series of 10 questions to determine how smart you are. Do You Pass or Fail? Take this quiz and find out if you're a certifiable dating genius or you need to brush up before becoming a huge success in the dating world You finally got a date with that person you've hoped to go out with. What would you choose to do on your perfect first date: Info on correct answer. Does he want to kiss you?

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What is your First Date IQ? You pick up your date at their house. He or she answers the door.

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