Dating of rocks and geologic events figure 13.15

Dare pl uto n T ype II were cond ucted using the laser. Zircons w ere separat ed using con ven tional methods. Ca thodolumuni scence CL and. Equi pmen t and o perating condi tions.

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  • Dating of rocks and geologic events figure 13 Radiometric dating - Wikipedia.
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Hz was used fo r U-Pb data acquisi tion, pr oducing a laser. Zircon ages w ere calculated. J ackson et al.

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O ver the dura tion. U ratios, r espectively. Whole-rock ma jor and trace elemen t analyses. Canada, using the method package gro up 4B an d grou p. Represen tative sa mples fro m the Soursat co mplex. U niv ersity I ran for m ajor det. Mineral analyses wer e collected using a Cameca SX M ost analyses rep resent a verag es of three or m ore.

Represen tativ e analytical data ar e listed in. P etrograph y and mineral chemistry. T ype I Syen ogra nit e — M edium- to coarse-grained.

Dating of rocks and geologic events figure 13 15. Dating of rocks and geologic events figure 13.15.

Comm on accessory minerals are. K-feldspa r occurs in subhedral megacr ysts Or. Inequigra nular q uartz forms elo nga ted cr ystals with. La th-shaped plagioclase is mainly oligoclase. Isoto pic values Age M a. Sh - T urkeh Dare pluton - leucocratic layer. Ana ly si s. Sh - T urkeh Dare pluton -. Sh - T urkeh Dare pluton - mesocratic layer. Ba 1 Zn 1 45 Ce 22 Ba 33 20 Rb 85 72 45 66 66 60 80 64 76 55 Zr Sr 80 34 90 Ce Ba 23 22 Rb 63 78 86 61 83 52 89 Sr A pref erred alignment of elo nga ted.

Quartz shows r ecr ystallization b y grain. at WI. Dating of rocks and geologic events figure - dating a youtuber

Plagioclase consists o f tabular -sha ped oligoclase An. Some plagioclases displa y bent twin. Acces sor y minerals are. Ub iquit ous quartz usually.

Bro wn bio tite is sub hedral to euhedral and has few. Green edenitic a mphi bole. Lath-sha ped plagioclase varies f ro m euhedral. P erthite exsolu tions ar e sporadically. Quartz occurs in anhedral. Bro wn bio tite. Am phiboles — Amphiboles in the T yp e II granito id suit e are. Figure 7a ar e edenite. Bioti te — Biotit e cr ystals have r ela tively high Al.

Bioti te com positions ha ve been used to describe t he.

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Nei va ; Sapoun tzis ; Barriere ; S peer ;. A part from modal mineral con ten ts, the geochemical. Roch e et al. T ype I granitoid s plot p redomin antly in. M ajor a nd tr ace e lemen ts — Majo r and trace elemen t. T yp e I granito ids. O are similar in bo th and CaO values. Representati ve analyses of pla gioclase f rom gra nitoids. T ype I plagioclase. Num ber of ions on the basis o f. Representati ve hornb lende composi tions of the in vestiga ted granito ids.

Representati ve analyses of b iotite fro m granito ids. Sample Sh Sh Sh Num ber of ions on the basis. T ype III quartz porphyry granitoids co ntain higher. O presen t positive tr ends with. T ype I grani toids hav e higher Y , and m uch lo wer Sr ,. Zr , Nb co nten ts. T ype II granitoids a re metalumino us to weakly. Sr ratios, a nd moderate LREE co nt ents.

H ow ever , some. T ype I g ranit oids are S-type. O con tents 3. Zircon U-Pb co ncor dia diagram of T ype I granitoids: I n T ype II granitoid s, the abundance o f. REE displa ys considera bly grea ter variatio n 96— ppm. T ype III granitoids s how ra ther heterog eneous. T ype I granitoids exhibit str ong er fract iona tion than. In the primiti ve man tle-normalized. In particular , the negative Nb an omaly is less ma rked. Sr , Ba and Eu a nomalies can be explained b y plagioclase.

A s the Soursat I- a nd S-type granitoids. U-Pb zircon da ting. Sam ple Sh, a syenogra nite, was co llected about. Zircons fro m the samp le are ligh t bro wn,.