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It's a plus poin People from Iloilo are called Ilonggos. There are three local languages used in the province: Hiligaynon Ilonggo , Kinaray-a and Capiznon. Spanish is strictly a local language, at least in a historical way with the number of natural Spanish speakers strongly declining after WWII, and due to this, there are today many Ilonggos who do not consider it a local language. It is also spoken in the neighboring provinces, such as Capiz , Antique , Aklan , Masbate , Palawan and Romblon as well as in some parts of Maguindanao.

The language is referred to as Ilonggo in Iloilo and Negros Occidental. More precisely, Ilonggo is an ethno-linguistic group referring to the people living in southeastern Panay and its associated culture. The boundaries of the language called Ilonggo and that called Hiligaynon are unclear. The disagreement of which name is correct extends to Philippine language specialists and native laypeople. Spanish architecture can be seen in old buildings in downtown Iloilo.

Ancient Indonesians , Malaysians and Vietnamese , and later the Indian , Arab , Chinese , Korean and Japanese merchants were already trading with the Ilonggos, long before the arrival of the Mexicans, Spaniards and other Europeans. The ruling Spanish government encouraged these foreign merchants to trade in Iloilo but they were not given privileges like ownership of land. Foreign merchants and Spaniards intermarried with the locals, and the Mestizo class was eventually born from their union.

The town's fiesta is one of the most important events for Ilonggos. Almost every town municipality in Iloilo has a fiesta and festival celebrated annually.

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Iloilo's economy is vibrant, because of good political will and the cooperation of the Ilonggos. Iloilo's "economic boom" made thousands of jobs, and made the province one of the most competitive in the country. Iloilo's northern part consists of a strong fishing industry and a booming tourism industry. It is near the Visayan Sea , which makes that part of province one of the leading areas in fisheries in the nation. The central part is an agri-industrial center producing a wide array of agricultural products such as corn, rice, bananas, pineapples and sugar among others as well as high-end crops in the Bucari Area in Leon and in the highlands of Alimodian , as well as inland resorts and trekking sites.

Southern Iloilo's economy is mostly based on tourism because of the century-old churches and colonized buildings and its beaches and marine reserves especially in Guimbal, Miagao and San Joaquin towns. The airport serves the Province of Iloilo, including its capital city, Iloilo City, the regional center of the Western Visayas region in the Philippines. It is the fourth-busiest airport in the Philippines, from its predecessor. It is the first airport in both Western Visayas and the island of Panay to be built to international standards, and one of the four airports in the region planned to be an international gateway.

It is one of the 2 international airports in Western Visayas, the other one being Kalibo International Airport.

The Port of Iloilo, considered the leader of trade and a commercial hub for Western Visayas is also one of the safest natural seaports in the Philippines. The Iloilo Commercial Port Complex is located on It includes 11, sq. The port complex is ideal for ships plying international routes having a berth length of meters, a width of Fast ferries serve Iloilo-Bacolod routes eight times daily.

Pumpboat ferries cross the Iloilo Strait to Guimaras constantly during the day and on special trips at night. It is ranked third in terms of ship calls at 11,, fourth in cargo throughout at , million metric tons and fourth in passenger traffic at 2. Iloilo is one of the most accessible provinces in the Philippines.

Iloilo can be reached by plane on regular commercial international flights from Hong Kong and Singapore to the Iloilo International Airport. By plane, travel time to the Iloilo takes around 1 hour from Manila, 30 minutes from Cebu, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Hong Kong, and 3 hours and 30 minutes from Singapore. By direct ferry, Iloilo is approximately 1.

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By land, Iloilo is around 4—5 hours away from Boracay, 3 hours away from Kalibo, and 2 hours away from Roxas City. The airport also serves international flights from Iloilo to Hong Kong and Singapore. The Iloilo Airport is located approximately 19 kilometers or 20 minutes away by taxi from Iloilo City. Iloilo Seaports — Ferries in Iloilo depart and arrive at various seaports in Iloilo City and Iloilo Province depending on the route and vessel type.

As a leading province during the Spanish Colonial Era, the province of Iloilo is widely known for its beautiful old world architecture similar to that of Latin American Countries.

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Spanish colonial Churches are amongst the well-known tourist sites in the province. Some natural sites are also in here as well as mixed-use parks that sprawl around the province. A World Heritage Site. The Aztec-Baroque inspired church with Filipino botanicals used to carved on the facade. It is known for its intricate facade and pyramidal bell towers. The church was used as a fortress during the olden days. It is a massive structure built of yellowish Limestones. The Gothic Renaissance Church of Molo was used as a watch tower to warn the people if there are any attackers on the shore of Iloilo City.

It is a fine coral stone church with Classical and Gothic details. It is also known as the feminist church because of the beautiful female saints lining inside the church.

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This Neoclassic Church, known to be the most massive Hispanic structure in Iloilo is built of red bricks. It is believed to be the largest red brick structure in the Visayas and it was given the title "Model of Temples" by the 'El Eco de Panay'. The Cabatuan Church is known to be the only extant Spanish colonial church with three facades. The beautiful church in front of plaza Libertad is considered the most historic amongst the churches in Iloilo City. The Church is known for its collection of priceless Catholic treasures. The church was built to replace churches that had been destroyed by an earthquake in and subsequent churches that had been destroyed by fires.

Old Capitol building of the Province of Iloilo. A National Historical Site. The building was built with wood stone during the Spanish colonization. It served as the capitol when the civil government of Iloilo was founded in Bucari Area is an area with mountainous terrain situated in the highlands of Leon and Alimodian. It is known as the "Summer Capital of Iloilo" and declared as a special economic zone for tourism and ecological enterprise due to its cool climate, topography, highland attractions and scenery.

Bulabog Putian National Park.

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Bulabog Puti-an National Park is a protected rain forest area known for being a living museum of flora and fauna. Hundreds of local and foreign tourists visit the eco-tourism park to immerse in the area's natural attractions such as its various forms of wildlife and more than 30 caves. It is located within the municipalities of San Enrique and Dingle. The Islas de Gigantes is an island group found in the offshores of the municipality of Carles.

The place is known for its numerous caves, white sand beaches, emerald-like shores and lagoon, and rock formations. The church was the site where General Martin Delgado of the Visayan Revolutionary Government started the junta that resulted to the first Cry of Revolution against the Spaniards outside Luzon. It was also used as the general headquarters and military hospital of the revolutionary forces.

Calle Real Heritage District. Calle Real, or the J. Basa Street in Iloilo City, is once the main commercial center of the city during the Imperial Spanish and American periods. It houses numerous old colonial buildings. The Esplanade is Iloilo City's newest hub for dining, leisure and recreation. Poised to be one of the longest linear park in the country. Iloilo Golf and Country Club.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the province. For its capital city, see Iloilo City.

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For other uses, see Iloilo disambiguation. Maragtas , Kedatuan of Madja-as , Early historic coastal city-states and polities of Philippines , Indian cultural influences in early Philippine polities , Greater India , and Indosphere. Images from the Boxer Codex illustrating an ancient kadatuan or tumao of the Visayans of Panay wearing the distinctive colors of their social status: The wealth and prestige of these Visayans from Panay are clearly demonstrated vis-a-vis their loincloth -wearing Cebuano neighbors which the Spaniards called "Pintados" or "Tattooed Ones".

Area [7] Density Brgy. Languages Spoken [10] Language Speakers Hiligaynon. This section reads like a directory.